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Once you step inside the indoor course at Carrara Mini Gold you start putting your way through a number of amzingly themed areas.


Ahoy me hearties! Make sure you practice your pirate voice as you kick off your mini golf in Pirate Cove. As you duck the cannon fire, you’ll discover the pirate’s secret treasure hoard. But wait! There’s peg-leg Pete and his motley crew. Putt putt your way through this hidden pirate’s retreat, action packed with fire features, mirrors, and more talking pirates.


Both young and old will be is awe of the animated dinosaurs as they shake and roar while you putt your way through this prehistoric forest. Be careful not to wake the giant T-Rex! He’s certainly of Jurrasic size!


Enter the castle chambers under the watchful, glowing eyes of the huge magic dragon. Pass the knights in their suits of armour as you enter the glow in the dark dungeons. As you enter this exciting course, watch your clothes, your body and your golf balls GLOW IN THE DARK! Super fun for the kids. Bring your video camera to record this fun moment!

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